Blog Tour: The Guys' Guy's Guide to Love by Robert Manni

Today, I have author Robert Manni here with us with his list on How to Jumpstart Your Dating Life in 2012.

Welcome Robert!


As the new year rears its head it is easy to kick back over and grouse about all the things that sucked in 2011. Don’t do that. A new beginning follows the year-end and it is up to you to take charge of the results. And the best time to get started is by having a plan, so here are some Guy’s Guy resolutions for sparking up your dating life and igniting a new year for love.

1. LEAVE THE PAST WHERE IT BELONGS…IN THE PAST- It’s easy to get all mopey if your love life did not shine as brightly as you wanted during this crazy past year. There was so much toxic news spewed out by the media- an endless financial crisis, corrupt politicians, a man dying after his penis is injected with silicon cement, and another season of those dreadful housewife shows. What to do? Start by breathing and letting go of good old 2011. You made it through the haze, kiddo, so give yourself a pat on the back and remind yourself of all of the good things you accomplished like not saying anything when that big, smelly guy squeezed into the middle seat next to you on the C train last August and would not stop moaning and slurping as he stared at that toe cleavage in your Jimmy Choos the entire ride to 96th Street or when….oh, you know what I mean. It doesn’t matter because that was last year and it’s over. Let the damn thing go.

2. LIVE IN THE NOW- There is a new year ahead and with it comes the possibility of great beginnings and change. After all, it really only takes one connection between two people to forge the bond that makes a great couple. Decide what you want in your partner and why. Then ask yourself if you are being realistic and fair to your potential partners. Don’t ask for the moon if all you have to offer is green cheese.

3. CHUCK THE LIST- That’s right. Take that mental checklist – you know the one that starts with his being a six foot three investment banker with smoldering eyes and twenty million in an offshore account just waiting to be spent on you. Yeah, that one. Toss it before it imprisons you. When you’re open, life brings surprises. When you get too controlling, you usually get frown lines and crows feet, and thems for birds, not for chicks like you. If you got everything you wanted whenever you wanted it, either your name is BeyoncĂ© or you’re an heiress. For the rest of us, and no one is suggesting that you sell yourself short, but if you are encumbered by too many rules, you’ll probably suffocate your sparkling energy, which is what attracts potential suitors. Now, does that make sense?

4. SMILE- Nothing generates a better reaction that a smile or laughter. When you lose your sense of humor, things can get dreary pretty quickly. Don’t be concerned if every date doesn’t turn out perfectly. Move on, keep your head up and smile. There are a lot more where he came from. Believe me.

5. GET OUT- Unless you want to lose your social skills by spending your weekends uploading your baby pictures on FB, get up, get out, and get into something new. Action creates more action and it’s all connected. Decide what turns you on, and then take a class, run around the park, shoot photos, learn a language, or just have lunch with an old friend. Staying at home and curling up on the couch to watch Cupcake Wars with your sweet lovable Fluffy will not bring you any closer to meeting The One. He’s probably out doing something, and he’s probably looking for someone just like you.

Okay, I know a lot of this is easier said than done, but you can do it. Remember, no one has a better future than you.



Robert Manni is President of advertising agency Agent16 in midtown Manhattan. For the past two decades he has watched, played and succeeded in Madison Avenue's relentlessly changing game. A true devotee of New York City, Robert is inspired by and remains in awe of its people, energy, attitude, and romantic backdrop. He is a world traveler, Reiki Master and teacher, certified advanced clinical Master Hypnotist, graduate of the Jose Silva Method/Life System, NYC Marathoner, and a bona fide 'Guy's Guy' who somehow survived twenty years of single life in the big city.

THE GUYS' GUY'S GUIDE TO LOVE is Robert's debut novel. He is currently working on his second book. Visit his website at for up-to-date news, to read his blog and check out his videos.  You can also become a fan on Facebook, or follow Robert on Twitter

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When Max Hallyday, a rising New York adman, joins a glitzy Midtown agency, he knows the game is winner-takes-all. But when his best friend Roger, a serial womanizer, seduces Max's billionaire client and puts his career in jeopardy, Max strikes back. He pens a column exposing the ‘Rogers’ prowling the city: The Guys' Guy's Guide to Love. Championed by magazine publisher and former flame, Cassidy Goodson, Max becomes famous… or is it notorious? With the women of New York clamoring for more, sparks begin to fly with Cassidy. Can Max survive his instant celebrity and cutthroat rivals to discover where his heart really belongs?

THE GUYS' GUY'S GUIDE TO LOVE is a fast-paced tale of flawed men and savvy women competing for love, sex, power, and money in the city where they play for keeps.


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  1. This sounds really good. Guy romance? I'll try it.

  2. This sounds different and something that would be fun to read :)

  3. Oh cool! So how do you like Rafflecopter? I'm seeing it on so many blogs now.

    1. I actually like it a lot. And I like entering giveaways that use it as well. I almost prefer to enter using a Rafflecopter form. I think it's especially helpful for those who have lots of ways to gain extra entries since it takes the work out of counting them all.

  4. I've just finished reading and reviewing this as part of the blog tour. If anyone's interested in a guy's persepctive on the book you can find my review here: The Guys' Guy's Guide to Love by Robert Manni.

    Overall, I found the book fun, but a with a few flaws.