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Brianna created The Book Vixen in August 2009 to share her love of smutty romance novels. The main romance genres we explore, but are not limited to, are: contemporary romance, historical romance, m/m romance, new adult, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. In March of 2012, J9 came on board to share her love of reading. I am lucky to not only have J9 be a part of this blog but to have her as a friend as well. In 2014, Babs, Emily, Laura, Monica, and Crissy joined The Book Vixen team.

The Book Vixen is home to the Outdo Yourself, Men in Uniform, Nicholas Sparks (currently on hiatus), Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance, and Read Your Freebies reading challenges. I also host the Write On Review-a-Thon, a monthly event to catch up on writing those reviews that have been piling up. We also like to mix things up with Thursday Thirteen posts and by sharing interesting links we come across in our In My Pocket posts.

Want us to review your book? Check out our review request policy for details. Interested in doing a promotional post on The Book Vixen? Check out our promo policy for information. And if you’d like to reach out to us, you can use our contact form to send us a message. (Your message will go straight to Brianna’s inbox.)


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About Brianna – Head Vixen

I’m a thirty-something wife and mama to 3 mini bookworms. I am a recovering chocoholic with OCD tendencies who lives in sunny California. I’m addicted to Kindle deals and freebies and I am never without my Kindle or iPad. I'm more interested in reading for entertainment than in greatness and I prefer ebooks over print.

My current favorite romance genres to read are: contemporary romance, romantic suspense (though I am getting a little burned out with this one), new adult, and MC romance (my reading crack). I hardly ever read nonfiction but when I do it’s usually of the true crime variety, a biography of an interesting-to-me person, or a reference book (I crave learning).

Some of my auto-reads include: anything by Nicholas Sparks (he writes it, I read it; I don’t even have to read the blurb.), the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep, the Reapers MC series by Joanna Wylde, and the Undeniable series by Madeline Sheehan.

When I’m not reading, you can probably find me watching The Blacklist, Orange is the New Black, Sons of Anarchy (that show had a good run), 24, or State of Affairs.


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About J9 – Associate Reviewer

"Hold on…let me finish this page first" has been my mantra since childhood. I enjoy reading historical romance, mm romance, and paranormal romance and rarely read anything other than an ebook. I am a transplant to the Midwest after growing up on the East Coast in New York and Vermont. When not reading, I enjoy eating and running—so I can eat more.


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About Babs– Reviewer

I’ve been reading romance novels since junior high with a short break during college. My favorite sub-genres are paranormal romance and urban fantasy, contemporary, historical, and erotic romance. I’m getting more into steampunk and dipping my toes into male/male romance.

I went to my first RT convention in 2013 and am addicted now. I’m on the lookout for book signings and follow way too many authors, book bloggers, and other romance-related people on Twitter. My favorite authors right now are Thea Harrison, Nalini Singh, Kristen Callihan, J. D. Robb/Nora Roberts, Kit Rocha/Moira Rogers, Faith Hunter, Patricia Briggs.

I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life with short stints to DC, Georgia, and LA for my day job (which supports my reading habit). When I’m not reading, I hang out with friends, go to concerts, and travel. My newest TV obsession is the Outlander series followed closely by Sherlock.


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About Monica – Guest Reviewer

Monica has been consuming books since before she could read: sitting on her mother's lap trying to read the words in a story book from the pictures. She moved on until she fell in love with Edgar Allan Poe and became interested in writing. At 27, Monica has reviewed for numerous sites across the web including The Bibliophilic Book Blog and Night Owl Reviews. When her head is not pressed between covers, Monica spends time writing romance novels and chasing around her two-year old daughter. Armed with a dollar store blue ink pen and more coffee than one person could consume, she conquers to-be-read piles as they grow. (That last part isn't true..her TBR pile will always be out of control.)


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About Laura – Guest Reviewer

My mother told me a very long time ago that I was born with a reading list that I will never finish. Too right she was about that! I am a GenX/Millennial who enjoys time travel, European settings, some kink, and unique storylines; in my books naturally. I’ve worked in libraries most of my life and have recently discovered my true calling of working in higher education. Je parle bien le fran├žais, but I don’t use it as often as I would like. A Southern transplant to the Midwest, I’m enjoying the magical trip of married life with three furbabies who also enjoy reading, mostly for the cuddles.


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About Crissy– Reviewer

After learning to read, I never learned to put a book down. I am constantly seen around town with my Kindle and no regrets. I fell in love with romance way back in high school and tripped into m/m romance only five years ago. I've not looked back. I enjoy just about every sub-genre, but for the most part I love paranormal romance and sci-fi/futuristic romance. I am a southern belle with the vocabulary of a sailor. When I'm not reading, I'm cooking, playing with my niece, or writing.


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