Elemental Assassin Series Read-Along: Venom Discussion

Elemental Assassin Series Read-Along

Welcome to the ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN Series Read-Along discussion! Today we are going to discuss the third book in the series – Venom. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THIS SERIES, UP TO THIS BOOK! If you have read further on in the series, please refrain from commenting on any details from any of the other books. Let’s keep this discussion solely on the characters and events that take place in Venom and its predecessors.

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And here we go!

Favorite Quotes

“What are you looking at?” Bria snapped.

“Just you, detective.” Finn’s grin widened. “Just you.”

Finn grinned and held his arm out to me. “Ready for an evening of murder and mayhem?”

I grinned back. “Always.”

“You don’t remember me, do you, Gin?” Owen asked.

I raised my eyebrows at the sudden change in conversation. “Should I?”

He shrugged. “Maybe I’m a sentimental fool, but when a girl saves your life, you hope she remembers you after the fact.”

“And what happens if you’re wrong?” Finn asked.

My stomach tightened, and I stared out into the darkness. “Then I’ll fuck him once, and when we’re done, I’ll stab him where he lies.”

“That’s hard core, Gin” Finn replied. “Very hard core. Kind of kinky too.”

A grim smile tightened my lips. “That’s me. Gin Blanco. Hard core and kinky to the bitter end.”

I’m just wondering how exactly I went from being the Spider to the Robin fucking Hood of the greater Ashland area... Instead of stealing from the rich, I’m stabbing them to death for the poor.

Finn did what he always did when confronted by an angry woman—he checked out her boobs.

  • Do you find it ironic that Bria is taking Donovan’s position at the Police Department? She’s even a ‘good cop’, just like he is. Two peas in a pod, those two.
  • Do you think Donovan is just temporarily out of the picture or is he gone for good? Do you think there’s a chance he might hook up with Bria, since they seem to share a commonality as far as ethics and morals go? Does Finn have a chance with Bria?
  • Gin has come face-to-face with Bria quite a few times and yet she still hasn’t told Bria that she’s her sister. How long is Gin going to wait? Why is she prolonging the inevitable?
  • Fletcher sent Bria almost the same exact folder of information he sent Gin. What do you think Fletcher’s intentions were? Why didn’t he do this when he was still alive?
  • What are your theories on Sophia’s raspy voice and limited speech? Sophia told Roslyn the back story but no one else knows, not even Finn.
  • Sophia is an air elemental. Jo-Jo tells Gin that she knows of only ONE person who can use their elemental power without anyone knowing. What do you make of this new piece of information?
  • Now that Gin and Owen have done the deed, do you think Gin will pursue an actual relationship with Owen? Or do you think she’s still hung up on Donovan?
  • Can Owen be trusted with Gin’s secret? He already knows so much about Gin. Could he have an ulterior motive? Was he searching Gin out because of the commonality they share, being that Mab killed both of their families?
  • What were your thoughts on Gin and Owen using protection, in the shower no less?! [Ash] is always happily shocked when protection is used in romance scenes; it certainly doesn’t happen enough. Do you think it’s an important piece of writing romance or do you feel it doesn’t belong in books?
  • Roslynn killing Elliott was a very “Burning Bed” ending for [Ash], minus the burning bed. It was really painful to see Roslynn go through that trauma, and we hear constant stories of women who “snap” and kill their abusers. Thoughts aside on the moral piece of this sticky situation, do you think this act helps heal from the abuse or does it compound the trauma?
  • Gin has declared war on Mab Monroe. How do you think this will go down?

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  1. I would not like to see any re-emerging of Donovan. Good riddance I say. I don't think he could handle being with Bria either because it would still be too close to Gin. Personally I like Finn and Bria together. It will be interesting to see what type of woman it will take to settle him down. Crap I can't find where to subscribe to these posts, this is my first discussion :)

    1. I agree, it will be interesting to see who's able to settle Finn down :)

    2. Finn? I don't know if he can be tamed I love the interaction between him and Gin. It's very sibling-y and entertaining and feels real

  2. nvmI found the subscribe it must be late or I just blind!

  3. OH How I want to answer some of these questions but since a couple of books ahead of the schedule I can't without spoiling. LOL

    But I'll try to say a few things.

    I don't understand why Gin is waiting to tell Bria about being her sister. It kind of drove me mad that it takes her so long.

    Fin and Bria....fingers crossed.

    Dononvan - stay away!!

    I think that if Gin was still hung up on Dononvan she wouldn't have slept with Owen.

    I think that Owen is the "prefect" guy for Gin. He doesn't judge her like Donovan did and they have many things in common.

    The whole condom thing is sometimes used in books as a plot device or foreshadowing about someone getting prego. I hope that's not the case here. As much as I love Owen I can't see Gin being ready to have a baby. Maybe when the series end she can be prego and have a HEA.

    I think for Roslynn's case it helped heal her. Knowing that Elliott can never hurt her again and it helped her feel less as victim since she did it herself.

    War on Mab.....every bloody!

    1. I don't want to see Donovan go, yet. I don't know why but I like him. I'm a little apprehensive when it comes to Owen.

    2. *melt* oh noes I LOVE Owen :)Owen + Gin is good and supportive and strong lol

    3. I love Owen too, just so confident and strong and yummy!

  4. I think it's interesting how similar Bria is to Donovan. I can't wait to learn more about Bria's character.

    I'm curious to see if Donovan comes back to Ashland. I don't think he's gone for good. I don't know if he and Gin will ever pair up again but I don't think we've seen the last of him. And I'm thinking there just might be a Bria/Finn hook up.

    I don't understand why Gin is waiting to tell Bria who she really is. I'm kind of anxious for it to happen.

    I want to know why Fletcher didn't tell Gin about Bria (and vice versa) when he was still alive. Maybe he was waiting to get more information and he didn't get that chance.

    I am very curious about Sophia's past. I think something major happened.

    I think Gin will try to pursue a relationship with Owen but I also think it will be hard for her to let go of Donovan.

    I think that Owen was looking for Gin, that if his sister wasn't involved in the robbery at the Pork Pit, he would have found Gin anyways. Owen has an ulterior motive and he seems to know A LOT about Gin.

    Protection needs to be used in romance novels for me. I look for it. If it's not used, or discussed, then I will have a major problem with the book.

    The only way Roslynn was going to get rid of her problem with Elloitt was for one of them to die; she lucked out.

    I can't wait to read about the shakedown between Gin and Mab. It's on!!!

  5. I loved this book, it's action packed since the first moment and can I say Bria is kinda cute in her I want to save the world attittude, plus I hope she sticks around.

    I liked Owen way better than Donovan, rest in piece and never return!, he's cute, charming and way more realistic. I want them together now!

    Can't wait to see what Gin is going to make with Mab, hopefully something really bad.

  6. Hi everyone!
    I am still reading--about halfway through. I missed last month's discussion because I hadn't finished in time, and am so sad I'm practically doing it again. Gah! I'll be back!

    In the meantime, I did read the first couple of discussion questions and will address them. You know, after reading the first book, I was kind of excited to see Donovan and Gin use their passion and attraction to break down some of the moral barriers between them, but somewhere along the line of Web of Lies, I changed my mind. I think Gin could have accepted their differences and worked with it, but Donovan is never going to budge. SO I think it is good that they're over and I hope they stay over. Owen Grayson, on the other hand.... *swoon* I like his style so far and think he'd be really good for Gin. Accepting of her and her ways just the way she is AND I think he could touch her in an emotional way that no one has ever done before. All the while not making her compromise her true self. If that makes any sense. Anyway.. I could be totally wrong but it sure is fun finding out!

    Also, I am coming to adore the Devereaux sisters more and more with every book! I am dying to find out Sophia's deal. I'm fascinated by her.

    That's all from me for now--I'll be back as soon as I've finished reading this one. If I'm not back in 36 hours, please get on my case and nag me!!!! ; )

  7. I think Gin is keeping her mouth shut on the Bria front because of how scared she is to be rejected by this person that means everything to her. I think she wants to get to know her first. However, did anyone ever wonder if Bria knows who Gin is, too?

    1. Gin saw how Donovan reacted to her, and Donovan and Bria are quite a bit alike. I bet Gin feels that Bria is going to reject her the same way.

  8. Gin avoiding Bria drove me bananas. I mean, if I thought my sister was dead for years and years only to find out that she's not. I don't think I would take the time to think things through; the emotions would be overpowering. But that's one of the things I admire about Gin, her patience.

    I love the Fletcher side plot. For a character that dies in the first book he's still remarkably present in this series.

    The mystery surrounding Sophia is maddening! The short stories on Jennifer Estep's website are definitely worth reading if you're loving these books.

  9. I agree with others that Donovan's feelings that he was slumming with Gin and judging her constantly made me hope he's gone for good. IMO when someone truly loves someone they accept all aspects of that person and can't hold back; Donovan always would have. Juxtapose this with Owen who I think understands and accepts all of Gin's personality and this is the romance I want to read more about. As to the birth control, it's part of sex that women disproportionately suffer if it isn't discussed so I like when it's included in sex scenes.

    Finn...ah, Finn! I so love his character! I go back and forth saying if the author ever kills off *this* character I'm done. But I mean it with Finn. Fletcher's death in book one was terrible but the author has successfully kept his spirit alive so it's okay but any of the other core characters bit the dust and I'm done! (or so I threaten!)

    And Mab is the perfect nemesis for Gin. I can't wait to see these two dance around each other and the hits they take...so good!


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