Elemental Assassin Series Read-Along: Spider’s Revenge Discussion

Elemental Assassin Series Read-Along

Welcome to the ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN Series Read-Along discussion! Today we are going to discuss the fifth book in the series – Spider’s Revenge. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THIS SERIES, UP TO THIS BOOK! If you have read further on in the series, please refrain from commenting on any details from any of the other books. Let’s keep this discussion solely on the characters and events that take place in Spider’s Revenge and its predecessors.

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Favorite Quotes

"You don’t have to pretend with me, you know,” I said in a soft tone, making sure my voice didn’t carry beyond our position behind the Dumpsters.

“Pretend about what?” Finn murmured, still staring at Bria through a gap between two of the metal containers.

“That my sister’s nothing more than another casual fling to you, another conquest to chase down and have your way with before you move on to the next woman."

"Better be careful talking about how good my cooking is. Roslyn might get jealous.”

The vampire madam let out a soft laugh. “Oh, I’ll freely admit that your cooking is much better than mine, Gin. But I have certain skills you don’t, especially in the bedroom. I think that Xavier far prefers those, even over a plate of the Pork Pit’s best barbecue.”

Roslyn gave Xavier a sly look, and the giant’s grin widened.

“Well played, Roslyn,” I murmured. “Well played."

"Any chance of getting something sweet to go with my coffee?” [Finn] asked in a hopeful voice.

I arched an eyebrow at him. “You mean all those pieces of strawberry pie that you ate for lunch weren’t enough?”

“I’m a growing boy,” Finn said in a sincere tone. “I need my vitamins.”

Bria snorted. “The only thing that’s growing on you, Lane, is your ego.”

Finn sidled up to my sister and gave her a dazzling smile. “Well, other things of mine also tend to swell up in your presence, detective."

"Sorry, Gin. But neither one of us wants to see you get killed. So Owen and I (Finn) made an agreement to save you from yourself."

"I’m told that Mab will make her appearance around nine. And you’ll love this, Gin. Guess what she’s going as? What her costume is?”

“I have no idea. Satan’s mistress, perhaps?”

Finn stared at me. “The Spider."

I loved him for it. For letting me be the Spider, for always letting me do what needed to be done, with no judgments, no remorse, and no regrets, even when the price was going to be so very, very high this time - for all of us.

"Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Spider calling me. Tell me, do you prefer Gin Blanco? Or Genevieve Snow?” Mab sneered. “I’d like to get it right, now that I know exactly who the hell you are.”

“It’s Gin,” I quipped. “Like the fucking liquor."

"So this, bitch. Bria isn’t the one that you want. She isn’t the one with both Ice and Stone magic - I am."

"And if you kill my sister, I will stop at nothing to end your existence. Nothing. And by now, you should know exactly how good I am. I’m the Spider, bitch - I’m there best there is."

"I love you, Owen. Completely, totally, irrevocably."

"What happened?”

Bria shrugged. “I waited until I was sure there was no one else around who could get hurt, then threw my coffee in the bastard’s face and took away his gun. While he was screaming from the pain and the second-degree burns, I cuffed his ass and hauled him down to the station. End of story.”

Fin gave my sister a warm, admiring look. “Nice takedown, detective. Even if you should have found another way to do it. Don’t you know that you never, ever waste a cup of coffee like that?"

  • We finally find out what happened to Sophia. What are your thoughts on this? Why do you think Sophia choose not to allow her sister (Jo-Jo) to heal the injuries she sustained, specifically her damaged voice?
  • We learn that shortly after Gin’s childhood home burned down, Fletcher had bought the land the home once stood on. This tells us that he had known all along who Gin and Bria are. How do you feel about him keeping it a secret all this time? What do you think his motives were?
  • We also find out that Eira, Gin and Bria’s mother, not only knew Owen’s parents but fought Mab after she (Mab) killed them. And it seems that Mab thought the entire family, including Owen and Eva, were dead. What do you think of all this? Do you think there’s more to the story between Gin’s mother and Owen’s parents?
  • Gin has defeated Mab. Yay! Ding, Dong the witch is dead! This marks the end of a villain who has plagued Gin and her friends for 5 books. Yet, we have more books to read in the Elemental Assassin series. So what do you think is in store for Gin in the upcoming books? Also, Jo-Jo tells Gin that “dark days still await”. Who do you think could be the next villain?
  • I (Brianna) was under the impression that pretty much everyone in Ashland now knows that Gin Blanco and the Spider are one and the same. So I started to think, what’s Gin going to do about the Pork Pit? Then at the end of Spider’s Revenge, she returns to work under the pretense that she’s been sick for the past 6 weeks with mono. Do you think Gin will continue to work at the Pork Pit? And do you think she will publicly acknowledge that she is indeed the Spider?
  • Mab’s dead and is no longer a threat to the city of Ashland. Do you think another villain will take her place as head-honcho? Do you think Gin carries that ‘throne’ now?
  • Now that we’re 5 books into the series and we’ve got a pretty good feel for the characters and their traits, who would you like to see cast to play the roles of the main characters (Gin, Finn, Fletcher, Bria, Donovan, Owen, Sophia, Jo-Jo, Roslyn, Xavier, Mab) if this series were to be adapted into a movie?
  • There were a few scenes of Gin and Sophia dishing up tasty meals for their customers and friends. What would you order from the Pork Pit?

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  1. I think Sophia's voice is like a physical reminder of what she survived. Gin kind of alluded to it when Jo Jo healed her throat. She said that she would always have the Spider Runes to remind her of her first encounter with Mab she didn't need to have any other physical reminder. That's just Gin's opinion, but given Sophia's personality I'd say it's probably a battle scar that she's not necessarily proud of but is a constant reminder that the guy who did it is still out there.

    I just want to say that I love all these glimpses that we get of Fletcher. I've never been so heart broken over a character's demise that happened in the very beginning of a book. Readers didn't know him well, but were already given the impression that he was a key player in the lives of the other characters. Turns out, not even Finn and Gin knew exactly what secrets he had kept. The fact that he saved the home and gave Gin and Bria a chance to reconnect was just another layer to the man. I love him more and more in every book too. I purposely didn't say anything about it in my review because I love those little Fletcher surprises and I didn't want to spoil it for anyone else. *sigh*

    The webs woven with all these characters is so amazing. I'm kind of getting the feeling that Fletcher may have been a little precognitive too, or maybe Jo Jo filled him in on a lot more than she does Gin. It's almost as if he knew what was going to happen in their futures. The timing of everything just seems too convenient. I also think that there are more connections than we know about right now. They just keep creeping in. I actually love the fact that there was a connection between the two families. Kinda gives Gin and Owen a 'meant to be' vibe.

    Mab's gone and she was a huge adversary, but there have got to be more out there. As strong as Mab was, I'm kind of scared to know what else is out there. Yikes! Especially since Gin is now so much stronger, whatever it is has got to be crazy.

    I think that they tried to clean up the battle area as much as they could and dispose of as many people as they could to keep it Gin's identity quiet. Of course there will be leaks. We already learned that in the final chapter. I don't think that Gin can come out of hiding totally, but I could be wrong. She has too many enemies, especially families of her previous hits. That would put an even bigger target on her head.

    I think if Gin ever earns that title, it's not going to be one that she was aiming for. Her main goal was to keep everyone safe. I guess as the head honcho she could better insure that, but I don't think that's her goal at all.

    I'm not really good at the whole 'casting' thing. It ruins the whole vision I have in my head of who these characters are. Silly I know, but that's me ;)

    Some of her desserts, definitely. I envy her ability to throw ingredients together on a whim and make something totally fantastic.

    Thanks for the great questions! Can't wait to start By A Thread ;)

    1. For being someone we never 'met' when he was alive, Fletcher has definitely made an impact in these books.

      Interesting theory about Fletcher being precognitive. Perhaps Jo-Jo had a premonition about him not surviving much longer and thus lighting a fire under him to get 'things in order'.....

      I'm not good at casting either, hence the reason I asked the question in the discussion :)

      Thanks for participating!

  2. I agree with creativedeeds that Sophia didn't have JoJo heal her scars because what she suffered changed her as a person and to get rid of the scars may feel like a denial of who she is now--someone who survived the worst imaginable abuse.

    I think people suspect Gin is the Spider, hence the girl at the end asking to hire her, but if Gin and the others don't acknowledge it then it's a matter of plausible deniability. I then think that Gin's enemies are going to have a different model than what we saw with Mab. I like this a lot since I was rather sick of Mab by the time she bit the dust. I can't wait read the next books!

    One thing I'd like to say that isn't in the questions above is the morality of Gin's character. Too often in books or movies when women are the "heroes" the story centers around their moral quandary with violence since women are supposed to be maternal. Like male heroes, Gin, while ethical in her own way, doesn't hesitate to be judge-jury-executioner. Jo-Jo says Fletcher saw this in Gin and says "you had the kind of cold, iron will that few people have. That you weren't afraid to do what needed to be done." This unique attitude is illustrated in a scene between Owen and Gin: "'And if it's not kosher?' Owen asked./I shrugged. 'Then I guess I'll be killing people until it is.'" I love Gin as a feminist heroine!

    1. You and I talked about possible reasons for Sophia not wanting Jo-Jo to heal her voice; and I'm with you and creativedeeds.

      Good point! Gin has morals; they may differ from everyone else's but she has a code of ethics that she follows (like not killing children or innocents). But she also doesn't have a problem getting rid of bad people.

    2. I love Gin's moral code. It was one that was definitely created by the world that she is in. She would probably be a totally different person if she didn't have to fight to survive and protect everyone she cares about.

  3. I am so wondering what will happen now that Mab is gone. We still have Jonah's punk ass to deal with, but who is going to bring the chaos now? It's nerve-wracking!

    The connection between Own and Gin's family is so thrilling! I am dying to know more. Also, Fletcher just makes my heart soar with glee and admiration. He is one character that is larger than life in death. I love how Estep has turned him into this incredible piece of the world.

    People may disagree, but I'd love to see Kate Beckingsale (a la Underworld) play Gin. I really suck at picking actors for roles, though, so I can't think of anyone else. James Spader as Finn is intriguing...

    I don't like sweet, red BBQ sauce, but if they had the vinegar-based kind, I'd order everything on the menu. Including all the desserts. Who else wish they had Finn's metabolism? lol

    1. Yup, we still have Jonah to deal with. But he'll be an easy elimination now that Mab is gone and no longer around to protect his sorry ass.

      I had to look up James Spader to see who is he; he's not good looking enough to be Finn (I'm shallow, I know). And I suck at casting so I can't even offer an alternative. (Maybe that Matt Bomer guy?) But I can see Kate Beckingsale playing a bad ass Gin. Good pick with her!

    2. Ugh. James Spader looks horrible these days. I had no idea. He was cute. LOL

  4. I am very curious to see who will become the next antagonist in this series. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill. I don't think anyone will taken over Mab's throne but obviously there will have to be a new villain (or new villains) in the series for it to carry on. Just whom will the next villain be....

    Does the PP serve ribs? I can't recall but I believe they do. If there are ribs on the menu, I'd definitely try some of that.

    1. I think I'm the only person on the planet that doesn't like ribs. o.O

  5. Hi everyone!
    You know, I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, I absolutely loved all of the new things we learn about the characters and their pasts, as well as the new developments between them. I also loved that Mab was finally killed! I, too, was getting sick of her same old same old drama. As much as I loved all of the revelations and new developments, I thought this one lacked excitement and suspense. Still, I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read what happens next.

    Speaking of what happens next, did you guys read the e-novella Thread of Death yet? I read it immediately after finishing Spider's Revenge and really liked it. It takes place immediately after the events of Mab's death and it gave me A LOT to think about and speculate. And worry about!

    Back to Spider's Revenge. Creativedeeds pretty much sums up a lot of my opinions on this one, especially regarding Sophia's story and why she kept the damage to her voice. It seems like we all agree how much we continue to grow fond of Fletcher with each book.. likewise of Sophia and Jo-Jo!

    I hadn't thought about it before, but maybe you guys are onto something regarding Fletcher knowing something special and important about Bria and Gin. Perhaps Jo-Jo saw something and shared it with Fletcher and together the Devereaux sisters and Fletcher have been in on protecting and nurturing Gin all this time for the same reasons. It makes sense.

    It should definitely be interesting to see what kind of evil torments Ashland and more specifically, Gin, in the future. Part of what could be challenging is the fact that there is NO head villain in Ashland anymore.. you know, the chaos of all those creepers being all evil, not knowing who is siding with whom and what their motivations and agendas are is quite unnerving. I think it will keep Gin and the po-po on their toes, for sure.

    I would order a slice of one of Gin's pies for sure!

    1. I need to pick up Thread of Death, although I don't need anything else to worry about as far as Gin is concerned. LOL! I also may be totally wrong about Fletcher's insight, it's just that some of the things that have happened seem way too coincidental for him not to have some sort of vision where Gin, Bria and even Owen are concerned.

    2. creativedeeds--I think your thoughts on Fletcher's insight is a fantastic speculation. I hope more and more tidbits about Fletcher's knowledge about Gin and Bria's life get revealed in future books. It's an interesting angle in the series.

  6. What about Ian Somerhalder playing the role of Owen Grayson?

  7. I think Sophia didn't want to let her sister heal her because she wanted to remind herself every day that she survived the things she did, she can survive anything. I think that's part of it. The other part is that I think she found it impossible to go back to what she was, like nothing had happened. Also, I think it made her (still does, I suppose) stronger in a psychological way.

    I think Fletcher did the right thing by not letting Gin know that he knew. I admit that at first I didn't like it, but then I realized the why behind it. I think he knew that the girl he saved from starving needed to be treated like a normal person, not like something that survived a home invasion and a psycho killer's torture. And I think in his own way, he was trying to make her see the side of him that she wouldn't have been able to had Gin known about him. If it were me, I'd be so caught up in the fact that he could have saved my sisters and my mom and didn't, that I wouldn't have forgiven him. So I think that's why he kept it a secret.

    I don't know if there's more to the story between Gin's and Owen's parents. I'm hoping there are more mysteries there, but I don't know.

    The next villain. I hope he/she is just as badass as Mab. Though she was more a psycho than a real, "be afraid of the dark" villain. I felt she was more of a bully than a real threat.

    I think Gin will keep the Pork Pit for the entire series. It's sort of like her "normal" job. And it's, in a way, like "the" place that some books have, like that special place that if yo talk to someone who's read the series and you say Pork Pit, they'll know what you're saying. I think it's iconic, really. But yes, I do feel like everyone knows she's the Spider and I think it would be wise if she publicly acknowledges it.

    I don't think Gin has that throne. I think it would take more than just killing Mab to take over that role.

    I don't really know who'd play the best part for Gin or Fletcher or Bria or any of the good guys. But for Mab I think I have the perfect actress. Emmanuelle Vaugier. She plays The Morrigan in Lost Girl. For some reason, the role of Mab would fit her like a glove.

    Tasty noms. Well... As long as it's not alive and it doesn't come from water, I'm pretty much open for anything. Right know, I'm craving some big, salty french fries with chocolate ice cream on top. *drool* It's just so tasty and I love the sweet-salty combo :D

    1. @Ruby--wooo...I think you nailed what I wanted in a villain without me know that was what I want! I want a real threat, not the Mab bully. Would you want another multi-book villain to best develop Gin's new nemesis? I would I think but it would have to be a good villain and one different than Mab who was more of a revenge villain. Very good points in your post!


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