Month in Review: January 2013

The Book Vixen's Month in Review

I read 7 books in January which means I’m ONE book BEHIND schedule in order to reach my goal of 100 books. My reading mojo comes and goes and I can’t pinpoint what the problem is. I first thought that Prison Break was to blame but now I’m not so sure. (I got hooked on the show and totally obsessed about it.) Now I’m wondering if I’m just feeling overwhelmed and that’s affecting my reading mojo…

Any who, it’s February! That means the Super Bowl is coming (go 49ers!), Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the movie Safe Haven comes out (also on V-Day). Who wants to be my Valentine? Anyone? *the sound of crickets chirping in the distant*

Books Reviewed on TBV:

  1. His Salvation by J.R. Loveless – DNF
  2. The Seduction of Elliot McBride by Jennifer Ashley – 4 frogs
  3. Promises by Marie Sexton – 4 ½ frogs
  4. Second Hand by Heidi Cullinan & Marie Sexton – 3 ½ frogs
  5. Tempting the Best Man by J. Lynn – 2 frogs
  6. Wake Me Up Inside by Cardeno C. – 4.5 frogs
  7. Blessed Isle by Alex Beecroft – 2 ½ frogs
  8. A to Z by Marie Sexton – 4 frogs
  9. Infected: Prey by Andrea Speed – 2 ½ frogs
  10. Redemption by Fire by Andrew Grey – 4 frogs
  11. Frat House Troopers by Xavier Mayne – 4 frogs
  12. The Letter Z by Marie Sexton – 4 frogs
  13. Gambling Men: The Novel by Amy Lane – 5 frogs
  14. Strengthened by Fire by Andrew Grey – 4 frogs
  15. Chasing Alex by Riley Shane – 4 frogs
  16. Most Wanted by Barbara Sheridan – 1 frog
  17. Cover Up by K.C. Burn – 2 ½ frogs
  18. Burnished by Fire by Andrew Grey – 4 frogs
  19. Strawberries for Dessert by Marie Sexton – 3 ½ frogs
  20. The Stranger by Kyra Davis – 1 frog
  21. Haunted Sanctuary by Moira Rogers – 3 ½ frogs
  22. The Outlaw by Rebecca Leigh – 3 ½ frogs
  23. The Revolutionary by Rebecca Leigh – 3 ½ frogs
  24. Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane – 3 frogs
  25. Highlander Reborn by Laura Hunsaker – 3 frogs
  26. Putting Out Fires by Marie Sexton – 4 frogs
  27. Paris A to Z by Marie Sexton – 4 frogs
  28. Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber – 4 frogs
  29. One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean – 4 frogs
  30. Unshakeable Faith by Lisa Worrall – 1 frog


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How was your January? How are you doing with your reading goals so far?

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  1. wooohoo you are on the roll! 30 book reviews in January is an awesome number :D doing great on all your challenges as well!

    1. It's been so very cold here that all I could do was read! :)

    2. It was all J9. She still has her reading mojo :)

  2. Good month! Happy February reading!

    And I say Valentine's Schmalentines.

    1. Yes!!! Particularly Wentworth Miller pin boards :)


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