Today, I have author Marie Force here with us talking about some of her favorite things.

Welcome Marie!

On My Wishlist (64)

On My Wishlist

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday. It's where I list all the books I desperately want but haven't actually bought yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming. If you want to know more click here.

book Mind Games (The Disillusionists Trilogy, #1)by Carolyn Crane


Justine Jones has a secret. A hardcore hypochondriac, she’s convinced a blood vessel is about to burst in her brain. Then, out of the blue, a startlingly handsome man named Packard peers into Justine’s soul and invites her to join his private crime-fighting team. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal. With a little of Packard’s hands-on training, Justine can weaponize her neurosis, turning it outward on Midcity’s worst criminals, and finally get the freedom from fear she’s always craved. End of problem.

Or is it? In Midcity, a dashing police chief is fighting a unique breed of outlaw with more than human powers. And while Justine’s first missions, including one against a nymphomaniac husband-killer, are thrilling successes, there is more to Packard than meets the eye. Soon, while battling her attraction to two very different men, Justine is plunging deeper into a world of wizardry, eroticism, and cosmic secrets. With Packard’s help, Justine has freed herself from her madness—only to discover a reality more frightening than anyone’s worst fears.


book Spider’s Bite (Elemental Assassin, #1) by Jennifer Estep

My name is Gin, and I kill people.

They call me the Spider. I'm the most feared assassin in the South — when I'm not busy at the Pork Pit cooking up the best barbecue in Ashland. As a Stone elemental, I can hear everything from the whispers of the gravel beneath my feet to the vibrations of the soaring Appalachian Mountains above me. My Ice magic also comes in handy for making the occasional knife. But I don't use my powers on the job unless I absolutely have to. Call it professional pride.

Now that a ruthless Air elemental has double-crossed me and killed my handler, I'm out for revenge. And I'll exterminate anyone who gets in my way — good or bad. I may look hot, but I'm still one of the bad guys. Which is why I'm in trouble, since irresistibly rugged Detective Donovan Caine has agreed to help me. The last thing this coldhearted killer needs when I'm battling a magic more powerful than my own is a sexy distraction...especially when Donovan wants me dead just as much as the enemy.


book Secrets of a Summer Night (Wallflowers, #1) by Lisa Kleypas

Four young ladies enter London society with one common goal: they must use their feminine wit and wiles to find a husband. So a daring husband-hunting scheme is born.

Annabelle Peyton, determined to save her family from disaster, decides to use her beauty and wit to tempt a suitable nobleman into making an offer of marriage. But Annabelle's most intriguing -- and persistent -- admirer, wealthy, powerful Simon Hunt, has made it clear that while he will introduce her to irresistible pleasure he will not offer marriage. Annabelle is determined to resist his unthinkable proposition ... but it is impossible in the face of such skillful seduction.

Her friends, looking to help, conspire to entice a more suitable gentleman to offer for Annabelle, for only then will she be safe from Simon -- and her own longings. But on one summer night, Annabelle succumbs to Simon's passionate embrace and tempting kisses ... and she discovers that love is the most dangerous game of all.


book On the Edge (The Edge, #1) by Ilona Andrews

The Broken is a place where people shop at Wal-Mart and magic is nothing more than a fairy tale.

The Weird is a realm where blueblood aristocrats rule and the strength of your magic can change your destiny.

Rose Drayton lives on the Edge, the place between both worlds. A perilous existence indeed, made even more so by a flood of magic-hungry creatures bent on absolute destruction.

BOOK TOUR SIGN-UP: Hunter’s Fall by Shiloh Walker

Hunter’s Fall by Shiloh Walker comes out on June 7th, 2011 and we’re looking for people interested in reading it to participate in a virtual blog tour. If you’re interested, please read the qualifications below and fill out the form (link below).

Hunter's Fall


Something strange is happening to Nessa. Ever since she survived a near-death experience she’s not exactly who she used to be—and enjoying every minute of it. Then she’s called upon to go to battle against darkness. If only she could remember why.


Dominic is having his own problems with memory, sanity, and hallucinations. Sent to Excelsior, the covert Hunter training facility, he senses a female presence that seems so hauntingly familiar. That’s because he and Nessa share a forgotten past.


As Nessa and Dominic regain their memories, their strange mission against evil becomes clearer. And all the more dangerous because whether they should trust each other is the still the greatest unknown of all.

Hunter’s Fall is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone.



  1. Open to book bloggers in the Contiguous US only (due to time constraints).
  2. You agree to email me ( thebookvixen [at] gmail [dot] com ) when you receive the book.
  3. You will have ONE WEEK to read the book, then you must mail it off to the next person.
  4. You agree to mail the book via Priority Flat Rate Envelope WITH Delivery Confirmation. Each participant is responsible for the cost of shipping the book to the next person ($4.95 plus 80¢ for Delivery Confirmation).
  5. You agree to email me the Delivery Confirmation number the day you mail out the book.
  6. You agree to post your review on your designated date.
  7. You agree to post your review on your blog AND one additional site - Goodreads, Library Thing, Barnes & Noble,, etc. (email me the links to your reviews and I will link to you)
  8. The last person on the tour must mail the book back to me.
  9. By signing up for the virtual blog tour, you agree to respect author copyright and not scan/copy/digitize the ARC.

If you cannot commit to ALL of these rules, please don't sign up. It is imperative that the book gets circulated quickly to ensure that everyone has a chance to read and review the book. If you have any questions about this book tour and/or the rules, please email me before signing up.

All applicants will be considered, however, only a specified number of participants will be selected. Those selected will be notified via email no later than March 8th, 2011. Participants selected will have 48 hours to reply to my email with their mailing information before a new participant is selected (we’re on a time crunch).

**Fill out this FORM to enter**

I would like to give Shiloh Walker a HUGE thank you for providing the book and for making this book tour possible!!

REVIEW: Everyone Loves a Hero by Marie Force

Everyone Loves a Hero

Title: Everyone Loves a Hero
Author: Marie Force
Format: ARC, 379 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: review copy from publisher
Published: 2/1/2011 by Sourcebooks

Fame has its perks...

Reluctantly famous, First Officer Cole Langston finds being in the spotlight has its advantages-until he meets Olivia. Having women throw themselves at him everywhere he goes becomes a serious problem when he's trying to convince her she's the one...

And its price...

Olivia has trouble trusting a guy like Cole, and everywhere she turns she sees reasons to run. But he's the only man who's ever seemed to understand her as an artist and as a woman...

Cole is working overtime to prove to Olivia that he's serious, but her deep seated mistrust and his entourage of unwelcomed fans may be more than they can overcome...

Why I Read this Book: Who doesn’t love reading a book where the hero is a man in uniform? I know I do, which is one reason I was excited about reading Everyone Loves A Hero.

What I Liked: Cole and Olivia’s first meeting was cute one. Olivia was the damsel in mild distressed and Cole was the knight in shining armor. Cole saved Olivia from a disgruntled customer and gets knocked out in the process. But sparks flew and the initial attention between Cole and Olivia is there.

The major conflict in this romance story are the women who are constantly throwing themselves at Cole’s feet. Ever since made an emergency landing all by himself because the main pilot had a heart attack, Cole’s been declared a hero and with that comes the fame. He’s got waitresses slipping him their phone number along with the check, even when he’s clearly on a date with Olivia. Another conflict in their romance is Natasha, Cole’s ex-girlfriend who’s a borderline stalker. She won’t leave Cole alone even though he’s told her he’s with someone else. The bitch is crazy! You wouldn’t believe the crap she pulls.

I loved the ending. Cole and Olivia have a bit of a tiff and because both are equally stubborn, they have a bit of falling out. The making up part was a good awww moment.

What I Didn’t Like: Cole and Olivia said ‘I love you’ too soon and too many times. It was laid on pretty thick. And the dialogue felt a bit choppy at times.

Something I found odd occurred after Olivia sold her first painting. Who thinks about paying taxes when you get $3K for your first painting? Apparently Cole does. I get the responsibility of the situation but it’s not something I care about when I’m reading a romance novel. When I read that part, it raised an eyebrow.

Another thing that I could have done without: period sex. No thank you. I wouldn’t have mind if the subject matter were merely hinted at but unfortunately there was a conversation between Cole and Olivia about the matter. Period sex may happen, I just don’t want to read about it.

Overall Impression: Awkward scenes aside, Everyone Loves a Hero was a cute love story. It had some conflicts and there was a bit of tension, which I feel are essential in romance novels to keep from being boring. Nothing spectacular but a sweet story nonetheless.

The Book Vixen’s Rating:

3 Frogs

REVIEW: Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting

book Title: Desires of the Dead (The Body Finder series, #2)
Author: Kimberly Derting 
Format: ARC, 355 pages
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Kai, who got the ARC from ALA
Published: February 15, 2011 by HarperCollins

The missing dead call to Violet. They want to be found.

Violet can sense the echoes of those who've been murdered—and the matching imprint that clings to their killers. Only those closest to her know what she is capable of, but when she discovers the body of a young boy she also draws the attention of the FBI, threatening her entire way of life.

As Violet works to keep her morbid ability a secret, she unwittingly becomes the object of a dangerous obsession. Normally she'd turn to her best friend, Jay, except now that they are officially a couple, the rules of their relationship seem to have changed. And with Jay spending more and more time with his new friend Mike, Violet is left with too much time on her hands as she wonders where things went wrong. But when she fills the void by digging into Mike's tragic family history, she stumbles upon a dark truth that could put everyone in danger.

Why I Read this Book: When I finally got a hold of and read The Body Finder, I was pleased to find out that the things I heard about the book were true. It truly is a great debut novel. I was expecting a cliffhanger ending at the end of The Body Finder but there wasn’t one.Why was I expecting one? I’m not exactly sure. Maybe because it’s a series that involves the same main characters with a continuing storyline. And while all loose ends were tied by the end, I was still interested in reading Desires of the Dead to find out what else was going on with Violet.

What I Liked: As with The Body Finder, I was invested in the author’s writing style. The descriptions were vivid enough without being too drawn out. Also like it’s predecessor, Desires of the Dead included brief chapters that gives the reader an idea of what’s going on inside the antagonist’s mind. This actually threw me off, not at first but about in the middle of the book. You think you know who the antagonist is but then something comes up, leaving you not so sure.

I liked that the prologue is an event that takes place towards the end of the book and the book leads the reader to that point. The prologue definitely pulled me right in. You will want to devour Desires of the Dead in one sitting.

What I Didn’t Like: I can’t believe Violet was so untrusting of Jay, unlike her relationship with him in The Body Finder. And Chelsea is getting on my nerves now, big time. She’s too selfish and self-serving. I wanted to smack her silly.

Overall Impression: Desires of the Dead is a good follow-up novel. I feel that this book was up to par with the first; neither of the two books outshone the other. Towards the end of this book, I was a little concerned about how things were going to be wrapped up but the author pulled through and did a fabulous job. Most loose ends were tied up so there was no major cliffhanger. There was just enough of the storyline left open to get me interested in reading the next book. There’s definitely room to expand on this series and I cannot wait to see where the author takes the storyline next with the next 2 books. The story arc involving Sara seems interesting and I’m curious to see where the author takes it.


The Book Vixen’s Rating:

4 Frogs

Book Review: Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins

Demonglass by Rachel HawkinsTitle: Demonglass
Series: Hex Hall, Book 2
Author: Rachel Hawkins
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Source: review copy from Kai
Published: March 1 ,2011 by Hyperion

Sophie Mercer thought she was a witch.

That was the whole reason she was sent to Hex Hall, a reform school for delinquent Prodigium (aka witches, shapeshifters, and fairies). But that was before she discovered the family secret, and that her hot crush, Archer Cross, is an agent for The Eye, a group bent on wiping Prodigium off the face of the earth.

Turns out, Sophie’s a demon, one of only two in the world—the other being her father. What’s worse, she has powers that threaten the lives of everyone she loves. Which is precisely why Sophie decides she must go to London for the Removal, a dangerous procedure that will destroy her powers.

But once Sophie arrives she makes a shocking discovery. Her new friends? They’re demons too. Meaning someone is raising them in secret with creepy plans to use their powers, and probably not for good. Meanwhile, The Eye is set on hunting Sophie down, and they’re using Archer to do it. But it’s not like she has feelings for him anymore. Does she?

REVIEW: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

book Title: Hex Hall (Hex Hall series, #1)
Author: Rachel Hawkins
Format: hardcover, 323 pages
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Source: purchased
Published: March 2010 by Hyperion

Three years ago, Sophie Mercer discovered that she was a witch. It's gotten her into a few scrapes. Her non-gifted mother has been as supportive as possible, consulting Sophie's estranged father--an elusive European warlock--only when necessary. But when Sophie attracts too much human attention for a prom-night spell gone horribly wrong, it's her dad who decides her punishment: exile to Hex Hall, an isolated reform school for wayward Prodigium, a.k.a. witches, faeries, and shapeshifters.

By the end of her first day among fellow freak-teens, Sophie has quite a scorecard: three powerful enemies who look like supermodels, a futile crush on a gorgeous warlock, a creepy tagalong ghost, and a new roommate who happens to be the most hated person and only vampire student on campus. Worse, Sophie soon learns that a mysterious predator has been attacking students, and her only friend is the number-one suspect.

As a series of blood-curdling mysteries starts to converge, Sophie prepares for the biggest threat of all: an ancient secret society determined to destroy all Prodigium, especially her.

Why I Read this Book: Witches don’t woo me so I wasn’t too excited to read Hex Hall. Slap me silly because when I finally decided to read it, it turned out to be a really good read. I’ve been missing out!

What I Liked: I really thought this was just going to be an okay book. I didn’t have any expectations but I was blown away. The cover didn’t grab me; if anything, it felt too “young” for me. And again, I’m not fascinated with witches so I wasn’t exactly thrilled that the protagonist was a witch. But once I started reading Hex Hall, the more I read, the more the book proved to be NOT what I expected. In a good way. This author knew how to keep me guessing without overwhelming me.

Hex Hall is a fascinating world of Prodigium (paranormal creatures). There’s one main love interest (Archer) and a possible second love interest (Cal). I am rooting for the underdog. Team Cal!

I love Sophie’s sarcasm and humor. I enjoyed reading from her POV; she’s not your typical whiny teenage full of angst who thinks too much. She’s realistic (as realistic as you can get for being a Prodigium) and I couldn’t help but like the girl. I enjoyed Archer’s sense of humor and sarcasm as well. Sophie and Archer seem to be a good fit.

What I Didn’t Like: Hex Hall was a good first book in a series. The author set up the plot splendidly, along with the characters. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about this book.

Overall Impression: Hex Hall is a quick read. I wanted to know how everything was going to play out. The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger but it only made me that more eager to read Demonglass (thank goodness I had Demonglass in hand when I finished Hex Hall!). The author’s fluid writing will draw you in and before you know it, you’ll blink and have had read 40 pages. It literally went by in a blink of an eye, in a very enjoyable way.

The Book Vixen’s Rating:

4 Frogs

On My Wishlist (63)

On My Wishlist

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday. It's where I list all the books I desperately want but haven't actually bought yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming. If you want to know more click here.

book Killer Curves by Roxanne St. Claire

He's fast. She's furious. They're in for the ride of their lives.

Rising star Roxanne St. Claire puts the pedal to the metal in a story of intrigue and passion that will get your heart racing!

When sexy NASCAR racer Beau Lansing tracks down high society debutante Celeste Bennett, it's a matter of life or death. Stunned at the secret Beau reveals, Celeste is forced to make a life-altering decision. But with her love life on the skids and her family life in a tailspin, escaping incognito into Beau's world is just what she needs -- especially if she can get answers about her past.

Beau needs Celeste to save a man's life -- he never expected a high-octane attraction that could wreck his well-protected heart. And when Celeste's life is threatened by someone who clearly knows her real identity, Beau has to risk everything -- including his own life -- to save her. With menacing forces in the driver's seat and time ticking too fast, the two must win the biggest race of all...the race for their lives and their love.


book An Unforgettable Lady by Jessica Bird

Grace Hall is a society beauty-but her fortune has made her the target of a madman killing off Manhattan's most influential women. Her new live-in bodyguard is uncompromising, hard-hearted John Smith. Moving into Grace's penthouse is the last thing he wants, but saying no isn't an option. As he lays down the rules for his new client, angry sparks ignite between them-as does an incendiary desire. As the warm nights grow hot, and the killer closes in, Grace and Smith face a crucial choice: follow the rules or follow their hearts.


book Strong, Sleek and Sinful by Lorie O’Clare

Special Agent Kylie Donovan knows the evil that men do. After her sister’s murder went unsolved, she decided to work undercover for the FBI. Now, posing as a college student, she hopes to track down an Internet predator who is murdering teenage girls. Using herself as bait, Kylie is sure she can lure the killer out of the shadows…until her fascination with a drop-dead gorgeous cop threatens to blow her whole case.

With a rock hard body and seductive smile, Lieutenant Perry Flynn is a hard man to ignore.  He makes it very clear that Kylie’s fierce attraction is mutual.  But Kylie can’t afford to let Perry cloud her judgment, especially when she begins to suspect that his dark obsession with the case runs deeper than it should. Then, when disturbing new evidence points to a cop, Kylie wonders if her sinful thoughts about Perry have thrust her into the strong, sleek arms of a killer.


book Secrets (Ivy, #2) by Lauren Kunze and Rina Onur

Gregory or Clint? Clint or Gregory? Matt, anyone? And what is Lexi up to . . .exactly? When we last saw Callie Andrews, she was caught on the horns of a dilemma. Lexi was threatening to expose all of her safely guarded, deeply buried secrets from high school, and Callie had just hooked up with bad-boy Gregory--despite the fact that she had a perfect (sort of) boyfriend and her BFF Vanessa had claimed (sort of) Gregory as her own. Yow. Entertaining, hilarious, addictive, scandalous, sexy, and smart, The Ivy series is an insider's look at freshman life at Harvard University. This isn't high school anymore!

Lesson of the Day – Ask for Original Content!

Author guest posts aren’t always original content, they get recycled.

What?!! <--- This was my reaction.

This was news to me. I’ve been book blogging for a about a year and a 1/2 now and this is the first I’ve learned of this. Call me naïve but I thought authors/publishers/publicists would want fresh and original content in their author guest posts circulating the book blogging community. Apparently, that is not always the case.

This morning I found out that an author guest post I featured on my blog was used not only on another site, not 2 other sites, but FIVE other sites. The same exact guest post. Verbatim. (And that’s only what I’ve found. There could be more sites out there with the exact same post.) At first, I found just the one site and I instantly thought they stole my guest post! Then I noticed the date on the other site’s post and it’s dated 2 days before my post. So now it looks like I stole their guest post! Then I did a little searching on Google and found that the same exact post is on five different sites.

So I contacted the publicist, since that is who I was working with in regards to this promotion, and asked if the same guest post was being recycled. Here’s the response I got:

I send the same guest post to everyone.

At least the publicist was honest. (This was my first time working with this particular publicist and it will be my last.) The bigger question is: Does the author know this is happening? I’ve contacted the author via their website; I’m waiting on a response.


ETA: I’ve heard back from the author and the author has offered to provide me with another guest post, one with original content. I have gladly taken the author up on the offer. The author also thanked me for bringing this situation to their attention. Kudos to the author for trying to make things right!


I work hard on my blog and I do it for fun in my spare as a hobby. I don’t get paid or compensated for the work that goes into maintaining this blog. I, just like most of the other book bloggers out there, like to help promote authors and I do it for FREE. In return, I expect original content, not cookie-cutter guest posts. To send the same post out to 5 sites is pure laziness. It’s an insult not only to me but to the other bloggers as well who were given the same guest post.

Authors, publishers, publicists: You wouldn’t want me to provide cookie-cutter book reviews, would you? You wouldn’t want me to write the exact same thing for every book I read and review, right? Of course you wouldn’t. That would be boring and sheer laziness on my part. So please, don’t do that with guest posts. It’s insulting. If you’re out of fresh ideas for guest posts, ask me! I can give you some topic ideas. Or we can do an interview. But communicate with me. Just don’t try to pass off a used post to my readers.

What I’ve learned
I need to have a Review Policy in place, whether or not I’m accepting review requests. I took down my Review Policy because I’m currently not accepting review requests at this time. But Review Policies are not just for reviews; they let authors, publishers and publicists know whether or not you participate in guest posts, interviews, virtual book tours and giveaways. I’ll be working on my Review Policy and I will be stipulating that I will only accept guest posts with original content.


Book Bloggers: I want to know, has this ever happened to you? Do you mind if you get recycled content for author guest posts you feature on your blog?

REVIEW: The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

book Title: The Body Finder (The Body Finder series, #1)
Author: Kimberly Derting
Format: hardcover, 327 pages
Genre: YA Paranormal
Source: library
Published: March 2010 by HarperCollins

Violet Ambrose is grappling with two major issues: Jay Heaton and her morbid secret ability. While the sixteen-year-old is confused by her new feelings for her best friend since childhood, she is more disturbed by her "power" to sense dead bodies—or at least those that have been murdered. Since she was a little girl, she has felt the echoes the dead leave behind in the world . . . and the imprints that attach to their killers.

Violet has never considered her strange talent to be a gift; it mostly just led her to find dead birds her cat left for her. But now that a serial killer is terrorizing her small town, and the echoes of the local girls he's claimed haunt her daily, Violet realizes she might be the only person who can stop him.

Despite his fierce protectiveness over her, Jay reluctantly agrees to help Violet find the murderer—and Violet is unnerved by her hope that Jay's intentions are much more than friendly. But even as she's falling intensely in love, Violet is getting closer and closer to discovering a killer . . . and becoming his prey herself.

Why I Read this Book: The Body Finder had a very interesting premise. And if that weren’t enough, this quote from Claudia Gray on the book’s cover sealed the deal:

“You’ll be drawn in by the love story – and kept up all night by the suspense.”

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Most of the time, another author’s quote doesn’t really influence my reading a book but in this case, Claudia Gray got me hyped!

What I Liked: Violet possess an unique and interesting paranormal gift: she can find dead bodies (hence the title). She mostly finds dead animals but sadly, she finds dead human bodies as well. Violet is a likeable character. I like her relationship – and how it developed – with Jay. There’s great character development, not just with the main characters but with the secondary characters as well. I really got to know Violet and her friends.

The author has a great writing style; she kept me engaged the entire way and I never once lost interest. The author also did a superb job with the way things ended. She kept the suspense going all the way up to the very end. The prologue was effective in that it gives the reader some background information to Violet’s gift and it also ties in to the main part of the book. Basically, the author did a phenomenal job with her debut novel.

The Body Finder was told from a 3rd person narrative, which felt like I was getting the overall story on all the characters. There was just enough information without any overload. There were also a few brief chapters from the serial killer’s POV mixed in. I love when an author includes small sections from the bad guy’s POV. It keeps the momentum going and keeps the reader in the loop just enough without giving too much away (when done right). These small bits of the story told from the serial killer’s POV were incredibly haunting, dark and gritty. It’s seriously disturbing and eerie to read what is going on in the serial killer’s mind as he hunted his prey.

What I Didn’t Like: The Body Finder was a good read. I can’t think of any problems I had with the book.

Overall Impression: The Body Finder possesses 3 elements I enjoy finding in books: it’s YA, it has a love story and there’s suspense. Put those 3 elements in the same book and color me tickle pink! The Body Finder finishes without any loose ends so I’m curious to see what’s going to happen in Desires of the Dead. Clear your afternoon when you pick up The Body Finder; you won’t want to put this book down once you start.

The Book Vixen’s Rating:

4 Frogs 

GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]: Author Jennifer DeLucy

As part of the Light Series Blog Tour, I have Jennifer DeLucy here with us today. She is the author of the Light series: Seers of Light and Whisper of Light. She is sharing with us her Top 10 playlist songs, 5 songs for each book.

From Seers of Light:

Half Life - Duncan Sheik
This song really put me into the book, it made me feel Lily's predicament, and then after a while, William's, as well.

Good Enough - Evanescence
I have this song listed on the playlist for both book one and two, because it applies in both scenarios. For Seers, it reflected how William would feel more than anything else, and then in book two, Nicole.

Nothing I Can Do - Ben Taylor
I love it when I hear a song that speaks so loudly of the story I'm writing that it seems like it was written for it.

Life is Wonderful - Jason Mraz
So many songs focus on emo misery and sadness, but this one is hopeful, it's got a sense of destiny, which is exactly why I started the Light Series to begin with. It was perfect.

Road to Ride On - Joshua Radin
Though I couldn't find this song to list it on my official playlists, it is so in the running.  Road to Ride On touched me personally first, and then I realized that it was perfect for Lily's Story, as well.

From Whisper of Light:

Creep - Radiohead Cover by Scala and Kolacny Brothers [Love this!]
This song can represent either of the main characters in Whisper of Light. Both of them have issues. I found this version and immediately fell in love with it. It will give you chills, I tell you. Give it a listen!

All I Need - Within Temptation
Oh my gosh, I just adore Within Temptation. Just like Evanescence was unconsciously the feature of book one's playlist, Within Temptation really took over the Whisper playlist. This song just summed it up for Nicole and Christian.

Change Your Mind - Sister Hazel
Talk about an uplifting song. If you need a pep talk about changing your attitude and going after what you want in life, this song is for you. The characters in Whisper of Light needed a major mind shift, so, it fit.

I'd Rather Be With You - Joshua Radin [I like this song!]
You need to have a shmoopy song in there somewhere. I've got such a thing for Joshua Radin's music. His songs have so much meaning and depth and yet he can still pull of a piece that makes you sigh and smile like a sap. This song reminded me of the character Christian. :)

Pathetique Sonata - 2 (Beethoven's Sonata Number 8)
There is a scene in Whisper of Light that is intrinsic to Nicole's tale, and this is it. If you read the books, you'll understand why.

If you'd like to listen to either playlist, you can find them at


[I checked out the rest of Jennifer DeLucy’s playlists - my favorite songs are Colorblind by Counting Crows, The Middle by Jimmy Eat World, Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson and I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. Let me know which songs are your favorite in the comments :)]


Jennifer DeLucy is the author of The Light Series, as well as a free-lance editor. Jennifer grew up in the valley city of Scranton, Pennsylvania, where she developed an obsession with all things literary and musical thanks to the influence of an extroverted and creative family. Currently living in the Midwest, Jennifer continues to pursue opportunities as an author, editor and musician. She is determined to put her love of the arts, nature and spirit to good use, broadening minds and opening hearts in every way she can.

Find Jennifer DeLucy online: website | blog | twitter


Seers of Light Whisper of Light

Thanks to Jennifer DeLucy, I have eBook copies of each book in the Light series to giveaway to one lucky winner!! Giveaway is open Internationally. Comments are appreciated, however, you must fill out the form below in order to enter the giveaway. Please read the Contest/Giveaway Policy for complete list of rules. Giveaway ends Tuesday, March 1, 2011. Good luck to all who enter!

REVIEW: Delirium by Lauren Oliver


Title: Delirium
Author: Lauren Oliver
Format: ARC, 441 pages
Genre: Young Adult
Source: review copy from publisher
Published: 2/1/2011 by HarperTeen

Before scientists found the cure, people thought love was a good thing. They didn’t understand that once love - the deliria - blooms in your blood, there is no escaping its hold. Things are different now. Scientists are able to eradicate love, and the governments demands that all citizens receive the cure upon turning eighteen. Lena Holoway has always looked forward to the day when she’ll be cured. A life without love is a life without pain: safe, measured, predictable, and happy.

But with ninety-five days left until her treatment, Lena does the unthinkable: She falls in love.

Why I Read this Book: I’m going to be honest, when I first heard about Delirium from those who had attended BEA 2010, I had no interest in reading this book. Yes, I had read Before I Fall and yes, I thought it was a great, moving read. But for some reason or another I wasn’t immediately captivated by Delirium. Then I started seeing the reviews and that’s what got me. Next thing you know, I was itching to get my hands on this book.

What I Liked: At first, the premise for Delirium didn’t really catch my attention. But as I started reading more dystopian novels, I’ve come to learn that I enjoy reading books from this genre. Before I Fall was well-written, not just as a debut novel but for a novel that focused on retelling the same day over and over – and over again – seven times. That’s a hard feat to accomplish without losing a reader from boredom!

I liked that the pacing with Lena and Alex’s relationship was believable. If there’s one thing about YA novels that annoys me, it’s those rapid fire I Love You’s exchanged by the main characters after only a week of dating. Lena and Alex are both likeable characters, and each in their own way. At first, Lena is a sheep; she goes along with the program of ‘love is bad’. But thanks to Alex, she reassesses her opinion and starts to think for herself and begins to have her own opinion on the matter. Alex is a very appealing character; he’s the forbidden bad-boy. But he’s the guy that makes you question all the rules.

The ending – OMG! – the ending! It sucker punched me. The whole time I was reading the ending, I was thinking No, no. no!!! It felt like I couldn’t breathe. My head was spinning. Delirium put me in a funk for a few days. It’s hard to let go of these characters.

What I Didn’t Like: Delirium was a slow starter for me. It’s told in first person narrative, from Lena’s POV, so there’s a lot of thinking and analyzing going on. Because of this, I wasn’t pulled in right away. Delirium didn’t grab me until page 131, about 1/3 of the way into the book. But after that, I was hooked.

Overall Impression: Delirium will leave a long lasting effect on your heartstrings. It doesn’t just pull on them, it YANKS them. This is a book that will have you thinking and it will affect your emotions. It will take you a while, perhaps a couple of days, to recover. Be prepared for the anxiety that is sure to come after you read Delirium and as you wait for Pandemonium, book 2 in this trilogy. It will eat at you for days. Delirium is a definite must-read for YA readers. Fans of Before I Fall will definitely enjoy reading Delirium. I also think fans of Matched will enjoy this book as well.

Note to self: Re-read the last chapter in Delirium before starting Pandemonium.

The Book Vixen’s Rating:

4 Frogs

On My Wishlist (62)

On My Wishlist

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday. It's where I list all the books I desperately want but haven't actually bought yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming. If you want to know more click here.

book Body Heat by Katherine Garbera and Jim Greenhill

Is It Getting Steamy In Here?

Andi O Rourke is a fire chief and a darned good one -- one of only a handful of women in the U.S. to make it. Raised in a family of firefighters, she’s a natural, barking out orders and keeping her guys safe at the same time; and her big, tough guys respect her, treating her just like one of them. Away from her job, though, Andi doesn’t have a clue how to handle herself with men. That s why arson investigator Tucker Fields is so dangerous -- and so tempting. Tucker is no slap-you-on-the-back kind of guy; he s all man. A man who makes Andi feel sexy, alive, desired...

Or Is It Just Us?

Tucker likes what he sees in Andi. He loves her passion. Her strength. That sizzling sexuality she tries to hide. He sees the ribbing she takes from the guys if she even puts on lipstick. To prove herself in a man s world, Andi has had to fight being a woman. But she s not the only one who knows how to give orders. As they spend days and nights on his investigation, Tucker s determined to start a fire of a different kind, releasing Andi s every inhibition and enticing her into losing all control as he shows her just how delicious being a woman can be -- and how good love can feel...


book Sometimes It Happens by Lauren Barnholdt

On the last day of her junior year, Hannah's boyfriend Ryan dumped her. Facing a summer of loneliness, Hannah turns to her best friend Ava for comfort. Ava does what BFFs do: she stays by Hannah's side...until it's time for Ava to head up to Maine for the summer. Also left behind is Ava's boyfriend, Noah, who's such a great guy he gets Hannah a job at the diner he waits tables at. Slowly, Hannah comes out of her funk thanks to Noah's good conversation and their fun times at the diner. But things get complicated when their friendship turns into attraction--and one night, into a passionate kiss. The novel opens on the first day of senior year; the day Hannah is going to see Ava, Ryan, and Noah all in one place. Over the course of the day secrets and betrayals are revealed, and alliances are broken and reformed. In the end, everyone is paired up once again, but not the way you might think...


book Edge of Sight (The Guardian Angelinos, #1) by Roxanne St. Claire

The killer she can't escape . . .
The heartbreak she can't forget . . .
The one man who can stop them both.

When Samantha Fairchild witnesses a murder in the wine cellar of the restaurant where she works, the Harvard-bound law student becomes the next target of a professional assassin. Desperate for protection the authorities won't provide, Sam seeks help from Vivi Angelino, an investigative reporter who recruits her brother, Zach, to protect Samantha. A Special Forces vet with the scars to prove he's equally fearless and flawed, Zach takes the job, despite the fact that he and Sam once shared a lusty interlude that ended when he left for war and disappeared from her life. Now, as they crack a conspiracy that leads to Boston's darkest corners, Sam and Zach must face their fears, desires, and doubts, before a hired killer gets a second shot...


book Kill Me Twice (Bullet Catcher, #1) by Roxanne St. Claire


Alex Romero is the hottest "Bullet Catcher" in the business. Tall, dark, and deadly if necessary, this high-priced bodyguard's got the muscle and the moves — especially when it comes to the ladies. Alex can keep his beautiful clients out of danger, but sometimes they can't keep their hands off of him. Now Alex has one last chance to prove he belongs among the elite force known as The Bullet Catchers, but his assignment is stacked...against him.


Private investigator Jasmine Adams is fiercely independent and fearless under pressure — she doesn't need some hunk-for-hire's help to catch the creep stalking her twin sister. But when Jazz uncovers bigger forces targeting her sister for death, she's glad to have Alex's brain and brawn handy. From the steamy streets of Miami to the sultry beaches of Key West, Alex and Jazz try to fight temptation as they race to keep a madman from fulfilling his promise to kill not just once, but twice. And some temptations are too powerful to resist....

REVIEW: I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

book Title: I Am Number Four
Author: Pittacus Lore (pseudonym for James Frey and Jobie Hughes)
Format: hardcover, 440 pages
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Source: library
Published: August 2010 by HarperCollins

In the beginning they were a group of nine. Nine aliens who left their home planet of Lorien when it fell under attack by the evil Mogadorian. Nine aliens who scattered on Earth. Nine aliens who look like ordinary teenagers living ordinary lives, but who have extraordinary, paranormal skills. Nine aliens who might be sitting next to you now.

The Nine had to separate and go into hiding. The Mogadorian caught Number One in Malaysia, Number Two in England, and Number Three in Kenya. All of them were killed. John Smith, of Paradise, Ohio, is Number Four. He knows that he is next.

I AM NUMBER FOUR is the thrilling launch of a series about an exceptional group of teens as they struggle to outrun their past, discover their future—and live a normal life on Earth.



Why I Read this Book: I don’t normally read sci-fi because I don’t like aliens. When I think of aliens, two words come to mind: gross and scary. But the premise to this book sounded really interesting so when I saw it at the library, I couldn’t pass it up.

What I Liked: I was enthralled in I Am Number Four for the entire first half of this book. The story and John’s character captivated me. And then I found out a little piece of information pertaining to one of the co-authors of this book and my reading experience was completely ruined. What did I find out and why did it affecting my reading this book? Keep reading.

What I Didn’t Like: Does the name James Frey ring a bell? In case you’re not familiar with Frey, he’s the one who wrote A Million Little Pieces, the book that was made famous when it appeared on Oprah’s Book Club selection. Then The Smoking Gun did a little digging and found out that Frey lied about some pivotal elements in his memoir. Frey then got berated by Oprah herself on national TV for lying to her and to everyone who had read his “memoir”.

Yup, that guy.

I wish I would have found out who the authors of I Am Number Four were before or after getting my hands on the book. It wasn’t until I read this post that I learned of Frey’s involvement with the book and about Frey’s ‘Fiction Factory’. (You can read more on the topic here, here, here and here.) Finding all this out ruined my reading experience.

Sounds like I’m over reacting a bit, doesn’t it? I’ll admit that I thought I was being a little silly about the whole thing but I tried to pick this book back up for 3 days, THREE DAYS, and I just couldn’t get my distaste for Frey out of my mind. I was unable to look past that detail, thus I was unable to finish reading the book. I finally threw in the towel and gave up.

Frey is hiding behind a pseudonym. He knows that a book probably won’t sell as well if his actual name is on it. I just feel bad for Jobie Hughes (the co-author of I Am Number Four). Speaking of the pseudonym, Pittacus Lore is actually a character in I Am Number Four. PL is an Elder, who has passed away. But the story is told in 1st person narrative from John Smith’s POV. Does that mean JS is PL? Are JS and PL one in the same? This confused me and if the answer lies somewhere in the second half of I Am Number Four, or in a book later on in this series, I’ll never know.

I should mention that a fellow book blogging friend filled me in on what happened in the second half of I Am Number Four and I will say that I’m not impressed. So I don’t really feel like I’m missing out on anything.

Overall Impression: This is a case where, for me, an author’s actions can (and has) influenced whether or not I will read their books. Had I known that Frey was behind I Am Number Four before I had started reading it, I would never have picked up the book. Will I read the rest of the series? I think that answer’s a given, since I couldn’t finish reading this book. And no, I won’t be watching the movie either. I will try to stay abreast of Frey’s ‘new writing adventures’ and stay away from his other releases. The only thing that makes me feel better about this whole situation is that I did not purchase this book.

If you’re like me and despise James Frey, then I recommend you either (a) don’t read the book (or watch the movie) or (b) you get the book from the library. Why? Because if you’re like me, you won’t want to partake in lining his pockets. If you’ve read the articles about his ‘Fiction Factory’ and it still doesn’t bother you that Frey is involved, then I say give this book a go.

The Book Vixen’s Rating:


REVIEW: Pink by Lili Wilkinson

book Title: Pink
Author: Lili Wilkinson
Format: ARC, 312 pages
Genre: Young Adult
Source: review copy from publisher
Published: February 8, 2011 by HaperCollins

Ava has a secret. She is tired of her ultracool attitude, ultra-radical politics, and ultrablack clothing. She's ready to try something new—she's even ready to be someone new. Someone who fits in, someone with a gorgeous boyfriend, someone who wears pink.

Transferring to Billy Hughes School for Academic Excellence is the perfect chance to try on a new identity. But just in case things don't work out, Ava is hiding her new interests from her parents, and especially from her old girlfriend.

Secrets have a way of being hard to keep, though, and Ava finds that changing herself is more complicated than changing her wardrobe. Even getting involved in the school musical raises issues she never imagined. As she faces surprising choices and unforeseen consequences, Ava wonders if she will ever figure out who she really wants to be.

Humor, heart, and the joys of drama—on- and offstage—combine in Ava's delight-fully colorful journey of self-discovery.

Why I Read this Book: The first thing that caught my attention is that cover. I love it! It really stands out and catches your eye. The premise sounded interesting enough however, the book didn’t live up to my expectations.

What I Liked: The writing was good in that it flowed well and was easy to read without any hang-ups. And the title and the cover are a good fit for this book.

The people in the stage crew were a fun group. I love the camaraderie between them. Sam was my favorite character in the book. I was more interested with what was going on with his character than I was with Ava, the protagonist.

What I Didn’t Like: My biggest problem with Pink was that I couldn’t connect with Ava, at all. She was trying to fit in by pleasing everyone that she never did anything for herself. She likes Ethan because Alexis tells her to like Ethan. She tries out for the school musical because Alexis tells her it will get her closer to Ethan. Ava got the opportunity to re-invent herself and I thought she would amount to more. That just didn’t happen. She goes through an identity crisis and I feel like she really didn’t know who she was at the end of the book any more than she did in the beginning.

I did get a small case of the warm and fuzzies (probably because it involved Sam) at the end but other than that the story fell flat. I was surprised to see that the story had ended when it did; I was expecting a little more.

Overall Impression: Pink was a miss for me. I didn’t connect with the story or the main character. I could have easily put this one down except the author’s fluid writing style made Pink as easy read. If you enjoy reading about high school drama, clichés, and don’t mind a bland, meek protagonist, then Pink might be for you. Maybe this book would be a fun read for a young reader. Pink is told in 1st person narrative from Ava’s POV. There’s a little bit of over thinking and analyzing, which I think is to be expected in a YA novel. I like reading YA but it has to have some substance – either a good romance/love triangle or a coming of age experience. There has to be something to reel my inner 17-year old self in, which unfortunately didn’t happen with Pink.

The Book Vixen’s Rating:

2 Frogs

GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]: Last Minion Standing by Eve Langlais


Who will be the Last Minion Standing?

All I said was I needed a minion, the next thing I know, I'm embroiled in a reality show with cameras following me everywhere. I should have told them not to bother, as I was ready to declare a winner—and get naked—the moment I met Drake. Shirtless and shoeless, in low slung jeans, I could think of so many ways he could serve me—especially in bed.

But, Drake, the super sexy dragon shifter, is after more than a chance to work alongside me in my battle to capture evil souls, he also wants to win my heart. But love is for weaklings, and no matter how much he tortures me sexually, I will not give in, even when he resorts to restraints and flogging. Mmm, bring it on—harder please.

Read An Excerpt Here


So you want to know a little about me? Well, I'm in my mid thirties, married 11 years to a wonderful supportive man--yes, he's a hunk-- who gave me three beautiful--noisy-- children aged ten, seven and four. I work as a webmistress/customer service rep from home and in my spare time--of which there is tragically too little-- I write, read or Wii.

I was born in British Columbia, but being a military brat lived a little bit everywhere--Quebec, New Brunswick, Labrador, Virginia (USA) and finally Ontario. My family and I currently reside in the historic town of Bowmanville, about an hour or so out of Toronto.

Wow was that ever boring!!! Now for the fun stuff.

I'm writing fantasy the way I like it--hot with a touch of magic. I enjoy reading and writing stories that push the envelope of what we consider normal, and I love to cross the line into fantasy. I tend to have a lot of sexual tension in my tales as I think all torrid love affairs start with a tingle in our tummies. My heroes are very male, you could even say border line chest thumping at times. So if you want a truly sensitive man, I am not for you. But that said, my men will do almost anything for the one they love. Even babysit.

I'd love to tell you more, but judging from the sounds in the living room the children are at it again, which means I'll need a mop and loads of patience. What I really need is a robot maid like Jane Jetson! Thanks for checking me out and hope to see you again soon.

Find the author online: website | blog


Thanks to Eve Langlais, I have an eBook copy of Last Minion Standing to giveaway to one lucky winner!! Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. Must be 18 years old, or older, to enter. Comments are appreciated, however, you must fill out the form below in order to enter the giveaway. Please read the Contest/Giveaway Policy for complete list of rules. Giveaway ends Monday, February 21, 2011. Good luck to all who enter!


Today, I have author Allison Pang here with us talking about characters and their flaws.

Welcome Allison!

On My Wishlist (61)

On My Wishlist

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday. It's where I list all the books I desperately want but haven't actually bought yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming. If you want to know more click here.

book To the Edge (Bodyguard, #1) by Cindy Gerard

The daughter of a wealthy businessman, Jillian Kincaid grew up with bodyguards shadowing her every move-and she hated it. Now a TV anchorwoman, she refuses to let another hired thug follow her around. Not even when she begins to receive terrifying death threats. Not even when the bodyguard is the darkly seductive Nolan Garrett...

Trained in Special Ops, bodyguard Nolan Garrett has been hired by Jillian's father to keep her out of danger. But it's clear from the start that Jillian isn't going to make his job easy. Far from the spoiled princess he expected, Jillian is tough, independent, and totally sexy. And she's fighting him every step of the way.

As Jillian's stalker raises the stakes, Nolan must keep her close if he wants to keep her alive. But being so close can only turn up the heat that's been simmering between them-a heat that could explode into passion at any moment...


book Pursuit by Elizabeth Jennings

A shocking betrayal...her father's murder...and a life-threatening accusation...Heiress Charlotte Court has walked into a waking nightmare--one that sends her running from her wealthy home to anywhere she can hide.

Across the border in Mexico, Charlotte creates a new identity and finds refuge in the battle-torn arms of Navy SEAL Matt Sanders. Fleeing his past, Matt yearns to protect her and replace her pain with pleasure. But Charlotte can't trust anyone, not even someone she's starting to love. She knows she's a target--and out of sight, a soulless killer is zeroing in on his prey...



book Give Him the Slip (Callahan Brothers, #1) by Geralyn Dawson

She's a woman on the run.
Maddie Kincaid thought she finally found the simple life when she moved to Brazos Bend and started her own business. She never dreamed that helping a gentle old man would force her to run for her life, right into the arms of the infamous Luke "Sin" Callahan.

He does his best work undercover.
DEA agent Luke Callahan has just settled into his much needed fishing vacation, and the last thing he needs on his line is a long-legged redheaded stowaway with secrets in her heart and killers on her trail. Lucky for her, he's deadlier than the guys who are chasing her. Unfortunately for him, she's gorgeous, smart, and determined to make it on her own.

When the secrets start spilling and the nights heat up, Luke faces a new sort of danger--losing the woman he loves. Can he win the battle for her heart? Or will she give him the slip?


book Freefall (High Risk, #1) by JoAnn Ross

Emotionally and physically wounded ex-SEAL_Zachariah Tremayne has returned to his South Carolina home determined to shut out the world. Then he meets Sabrina Swann, who has also made a private journey home to put the tattered pieces of her own life back together. But as the two of them learn to love and trust again, a killer is lurking in the shadows, threatening to destroy everything they have fought so hard to rebuild.

GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]: First 3 books in the Iron Fey series

The Iron Queen To celebrate the recent release of The Iron Queen, the third book in the Iron Fey series, I'm hosting a giveaway!

About the Iron Fey series:
In The Iron King, debut author Julie Kagawa introduced a new, evolved order of faery. In less than twenty-four hours Meghan Chase will be sixteen. Countless stories, songs and poems have been written about this wonderful age, when a girl finds true love and the stars shine for her and the handsome prince carries her off into the sunset.  But Meghan suspects that it won’t be that way for her. After all, Meghan has a secret destiny—one she could never have imagine.

In The Iron Daughter, Kagawa explores love and betrayal in a faery world gone mad. A half faery princess, half human girl becomes a pivotal part of a deadly conflict between two warring factions of faery.

The winds of war gather in Kagawa's newest novel, The Iron Queen. Meghan Chase thought they’d left Faery behind forever, but pressing matters cause the three exiles to be summoned to war. A new alliance is made, along with a few contracts, of course, and Meghan, half Summer faery princess, half human, is pressed to choose Fey over her mortal beginnings. Will she abandon her human heart for an iron will that will help her survive? For as Meghan can confirm—in real life, unlike books, faery tales don’t necessarily have happy endings.

Check out the Iron Fey series on Facebook.



Iron Fey series

Thanks to Harlequin Teen, I have copies of The Iron King, The Iron Daughter and The Iron Queen to giveaway to one winner!! Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada. Comments are appreciated, however, you must fill out the form below in order to enter the giveaway. Please read the Contest/Giveaway Policy for complete list of rules. Giveaway ends Friday, February 18, 2011. Good luck to all who enter!

REVIEW: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

book Title: The Iron King (Iron Fey, #1)
Author: Julie Kagawa
Format: paperback, 363 pages
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Source: review copy from publicist
Published: February 2010 by Harlequin Teen

Meghan Chase has a secret destiny—one she could never have imagined…

Something has always felt slightly off in Meghan's life, ever since her father disappeared before her eyes when she was six. She has never quite fit in at school…or at home.

When a dark stranger begins watching her from afar, and her prankster best friend becomes strangely protective of her, Meghan senses that everything she's known is about to change.

But she could never have guessed the truth—that she is the daughter of a mythical faery king and is a pawn in a deadly war. Now Meghan will learn just how far she'll go to save someone she cares about, to stop a mysterious evil no faery creature dare face…and to find love with a young prince who might rather see her dead than let her touch his icy heart.

Why I Read this Book: The Iron King was a book that I was initially going to pass on. I’m not much into faeries, so even though I’ve seen this book on the internets it hadn’t made it onto my TBR list. But then, with the recent release of The Iron Queen, the buzz was circulating around the blogosphere and the buzz was good. Good buzz from trusted fellow book bloggers = spot on my TBR list.

What I Liked: The Iron King is told in 1st person narrative from Meghan’s POV. The author did a great job with this; there wasn’t too much thinking or over-analyzing like you sometimes get with 1st person narrative. I enjoyed the journey from Meghan’s standpoint because she’s a likable character who has her priorities in order (especially for being only 16 years old). I also liked Grimalkin; he humored me. And the attention to detail in the world created by the author is phenomenal. She has created this unique world, and the unique creatures to go along with it.

There is a lot going on in the storyline. A new character or dilemma shows up with every chapter. And although there was a lot going on, it was not overwhelming; it was enough to keep me engaged and moving along with a peaked curiosity. There was never a dull moment.

The book overall is aesthetically pleasing. Not only is the cover nice to look at but I love the attention to detail at the beginning of each chapter and at each sectional (i.e. ‘Part I’, ‘Part II’, ‘Part III’) in the book. And the title, The Iron King, was not as obvious as I had first thought. I also like that the book first came out in trade paperback. Hardcover editions are a bit pricier and I like the size of a trade paperback.

What I Didn’t Like: There were inconsistencies, several of them. I’ll list a few – I’m going to be as vague as possible to avoid spoilers. I’ll include page numbers for those who would like to refer to the book for more details.

  • Meghan comes to a conclusion involving Virus, and she’s right. How the heck did Meghan know this? The supporting evidence was lacking. (p. 264)
  • The group is in trouble and then the danger is no longer present – without explanation. (p. 269)
  • Meghan says it's the first time Ash has called her by name (p. 285). Um, no. He called you by name 2 pages ago (p. 283).
  • Ash and Meghan let Grimalkin leave without hearing his 'easier' plan. Why would they let him leave without hearing him out? (p. 286)

Overall Impression: The Iron King was lacking in some areas and flourished in others. The inconsistencies really got me. That said, I still enjoyed the story and I look forward to reading the rest of the series. The Iron King is a good start to the series but there’s room for improvement. The book left off at an interesting point and I’m curious to see what happens next. Fans of Alice in Wonderland will enjoy the reference and the similarities found in this book. There’s also a bit of A Midsummer’s Night Dream added to the mix so if you’re a Shakespeare fan, this book will appeal to you as well.

For those who have read this book (and/or the series to date), you may be wondering which team I’m on. As of right now, I’m on Team Pash – meaning I’m on both Team Puck and Team Ash. I see potential in both guys. Maybe I’ll side with one after reading the next book.


The Book Vixen’s Rating:

3 Frogs

Month in Review: January 2011

Avatar January started off pretty good; I was on a reading roll. Then something came up in my personal life last week and ever since, my mind has been distracted. Hopefully I can get back on track soon because I have a lot of books I’ve been looking forward to reading!

I participated in Bloggiesta this month. I got a few things done but I still need to catch up on reviews. Hopefully I can get my butt in gear and get them done soon. I definitely want to get some rainy day reviews done.

I’m working on the ‘review link up’ posts for the 4 reading challenges that I’m hosting. I should have had January’s review link up posts up already but because I’m a newbie host, I didn’t realize that. *facepalm* Then I come to find out that Linky Tools will no longer be a free service (and will delete ALL my links 2/7 if I don’t pay) so I had to find a new link tool site to use and had to update my sign up posts. What fun that was. Not. Hopefully I’ve have January’s and February’s ‘review link up’ posts up soon.

Books Reviewed:

  1. Return to Paradise by Simone Elkeles – 3 frogs
  2. Unraveled by Gena Showalter – 3 frogs
  3. Boycotts & Barflies by Victoria Michaels – 4 frogs
  4. Change of Heart by Shari Maurer – 4 frogs
  5. The Ex-Boyfriend’s Handbook by Matt Dunn – 3.5 frogs
  6. The Mercenary by Katherine Garbera - DNF
  7. Barbie A Rare Beauty by Sandi Holder – 4 frogs
  8. One Reckless Summer by Toni Blake – 4 frogs
  9. Vesper by Jeff Sampson -  DNF
  10. Free Falling by Sandy James – 3.5 frogs
  11. Yours For the Taking by Robin Kaye – 3.5 frogs

Guest Posts:

  • Author Robin Kaye talks about how she became a writer and tells us what to expect next from her. I am definitely looking forward to her next series!


Current Giveaways:

2011 Reading Challenges Status Report:

How was your January?