Month in Review: November 2012

The Book Vixen's Month in Review

I stuffed my face with a Thanksgiving feast and I want more. There’s no such thing as too much turkey and mashed potatoes. And gravy, of course. But now that Thanksgiving is done and out of the way, that means Christmas is right around the corner. And I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping.

I’m at 70 books read for the year; I wanted to read 100. Needless to say, I am bummed. There’s no way I’m going to make my goal so the only thing I can do is try again next year. Speaking of next year, have you signed up for any 2013 reading challenges yet? I’m hosting five (sign-up links below) but I haven’t signed up for any just yet. I know once I start looking, I’ll go crazy. They’re addicting.

J9 and I started a new feature last month – In My Pocket – where we share links we’ve collected in Pocket. If you haven’t already, come check it out. We’d love to see what you have in your Pocket as well.

For the Elemental Assassin Series read-a-long, we’ll be reading Tangled Threads. I am super excited and cannot wait to read it (along with the rest of this series)!

Books Brianna Read:

  1. Venom by Jennifer Estep
  2. On Dublin Street by Samantha Young
  3. Love Unrehearsed by Tina Reber
  4. Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson
  5. Tempting the Best Man by J. Lynn
  6. Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn
  7. Lumberjack in Love by Penny Watson
  8. Down to You by M. Leighton

Books Reviewed on TBV:

  1. Enslaved by Elisabeth Naughton – 4 frogs
  2. Scorched by Laura Griffin – 3 ½ frogs
  3. Santuario by G.B. Gordon – 2 frogs
  4. According to Hoyle by Abigail Roux – 3 ½ frogs
  5. Reflected in You by Sylvia Day – 3 ½ frogs
  6. First Comes Love by Katie Kacvinsky – 4 frogs
  7. Earth and Sun, Cedar and Sage by Margaret Mills & Tedy Ward – 4 frogs
  8. Tip of the Spear by Marie Harte – 3 ½ frogs
  9. Speed Dating by Nancy Warren – 3 frogs
  10. Dangerous Ground by Josh Lanyon – 4 frogs
  11. Old Poison by Josh Lanyon – 4 frogs
  12. Blood Heat by Josh Lanyon – 4 frogs
  13. Dead Run by Josh Lanyon – 3 ½ frogs
  14. Flashpoint by Jill Shalvis – 3 frogs
  15. All He Ever Desired by Shannon Stacey – 4 frogs
  16. Caden’s Vow by Sarah McCarty – 1 ½ frogs
  17. One Fine Fireman by Jennifer Bernard – 3 frogs
  18. Rocky Mountain Desire by Vivian Arend – 3 frogs
  19. Rocky Mountain Angel by Vivian Arend – 3 frogs
  20. Bitter Harvest by Kim Knox – 4 frogs
  21. Mark of the Gladiator by Heidi Belleau & Violetta Vane – 3 frogs
  22. Wallbanger by Alice Clayton – 5 frogs
  23. The Secret Life of Lady Lucinda by Sophie Barnes – 2 frogs
  24. Savage Sanctuary by Jacqueline Barbary – 3 ½ frogs
  25. Web of Lies by Jennifer Estep – 5 frogs
  26. Venom by Jennifer Estep – 5 frogs


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How was your November? Did you get your Black Friday/Cyber Monday on like Donkey Kong?

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  1. I'm actively trying not to look at challenges - ideally I don't want to do any this year but there are a few that it looks like I can't resist - especially 7 Continents, 7 Billion People, 7 Books @ Life As A Journey, Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge @ Bookmark to Blog and Around the World in 12 Books Challenge 2013 @ Giraffe Days.

    Tanya Patrice

    1. There are reading challenges I just can't resist either :)

  2. I joined a couple of your 2013 challenges. Looking forward to them.
    Happy December reading!


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