Shiloh Walker’s Reunited Tour

Today I have author Shiloh Walker here with us to make things right for the recent crime spree she went on. It’s always a pleasure to have Shiloh here on The Book Vixen - Welcome back!

So maybe you remember that time back in the fall where I lost my mind. I went a little crazy, went on a crime spree and stole a bunch of stuff from friends…um, well.**

I’m trying to make amends. I’ve begged and pleaded with them to forgive me and now I’m begging and pleading with everybody else. This time, instead of taking stuff, I want to fix stuff. But the question is…what do I fix?

So…well, it’s February…almost Valentine’s Day. We’ll fix some lovers! Reunite them…ya know?

Like lovers…famous lovers who just can’t seem to get connected the way they should be.

Romeo and Juliet!

Kermit and Miss Piggy!

And since none of my friends from the last go-round trust me in their homes right now, I had to enlist some new friends to go along on this little mad jaunt.

I promise, I absolutely did not steal any secrets this time, I did not break into any homes.

And they still offered up prizes…Carly Phillips, Ruthie Knox, Jaci Burton, Elle Kennedy & Lauren Dane are joining me on my…um…REUNITED tour, where I try to make amends and we talk about famous couples and give away prizes.

Wanna join us?

So…I wanted to make this really easy on the authors who were helping me make amends. Just an easy question…and then we’ll ask Mr. Cupid not to tear our favorite couples apart. I don’t know if it will work, but the power of positive thinking, right?

On our final stop, we get to hear from Lauren Dane

Name a famous couple that you don't think should ever be torn apart...

Lauren: I don't think should ever be torn apart would be a couple from a book - Sascha and Lucas from Nalini Singh's Slave to Sensation (though definitely Eve and Roarke too!)

Our prize is… a set of the Bound By Magick books - Heart of Darkness, Chaos Burning & Going Under.

Here’s some info about GOING UNDER:

Going Under by Lauren Dane

In the wake of the Magister’s rampage, chaos rules. Left reeling, the Others and the humans scramble to create some sort of unity in the face of growing unrest and violence from anti-Other hate groups—and PR guru Molly Ryan is the witch who can do it. She grew up in the human world but there’s nothing left for her there. She’s lost her PR firm and her friends, and now she’s decided to put all her fight toward aiding the Others in this dark new reality. Gage Garrity, one of the few Others who survived the massacre, fears that the crusade will expose Molly to greater dangers than ever before.

Now, together, with magick on their side, Molly and Gage are on the road in a desperate struggle to unite a torn world. From state houses to television news to legislative conference rooms across the country, they’re fighting the good fight. And it’s bringing out a passion in both of them they never expected—one as volatile, intense and all-consuming as their relentless battle for world unity. A battle that could be their undoing…

And if you’re curious to read about the book that inspired me to REUNITE and fix things after my little life of crime…well, it’s THE REUNITED… (Yes, I had to get the promo bit in there…)

ALSO! Grand prize provided by yours truly, Shiloh Walker…everybody who enters gets into for a $50 GC to the online retailer of their choice (from one of the following retailers) Barnes and Noble, Amazon, BAMM or All Romance Ebooks. You can enter at each blog, once a day. Yes, the hosting blogs are allowed to enter.


**I didn’t really go on a crime spree. Really. It was all in fun. Maybe I did go crazy, though. You never know.

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  1. Faith Harrington and Ethan Barron from Carly Phillips Serendipity Book 1

  2. Eve Dallas and Roarke from The In Death series should never be broken up:)

  3. Don't want Darcy and Lizzie to ever be torn apart.

  4. Thanks for the fun post and congrats to Shiloh on the new release! I'd have to say Adam and Mercy from the Mercy Thompson series ;)

  5. I do agree with Roarke and Eve, and like to throw in Wrath and Beth.

  6. I just got through reading Painted Faces by LH Cosway and I adored Nick and Fred. They were such a great couple.

  7. I'm always and forever a Lizzie and Darcy girl.

  8. I'm gonna go with a movie couple Bridget Jones and Marc Darcy!

  9. I am horrible about remembering names from books...I love the Malory series from Johanna Lindsey and the Donovans from Elizabeth Lowell....all these books have great love stories


  10. I like Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester, .


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